Nice piece. Rarely can someone express ideas from each side as that side would express it.

>> Is democracy about having your say or getting your way?

Your core "say/way" split is interesting but it does not really split the groups in my opinion. First, both sides will claims to be in favor of say and not in favor of way. This is a universal claim. So I think we DO agree on the abstract principles of democracy -- and all agree they are good.

But then when it comes to a specific issue they focus on very different facts in order to justify the connection they want.

For example on the ballot drop off issue democrats will highlight the increase in voter turn out with the boxes. This is an accurate assertion, but it also conveniently will include marginal voters that skew democract.

Republicans will highlight the opportunity for increased voter fraud, which is also quite accurate, and conveniently will exclude voters that skew away from them.

As far as I can see, almost UNIVERSALLY each side will favor the iterpretation that helps them get their WAY. I see ZERO cases where either party espouses a position reduces their ability to get their way.

In this, they are the same. both say its all about 'say' yet by action we see they are entirely about 'way'


Startup Guy, PhD AI, Kentuckian living in San Fran

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Dan O

Dan O

Startup Guy, PhD AI, Kentuckian living in San Fran