If all that we see was created for us by a sentience with intentionality, then clearly it did not intend for us to have clarity. The construction of the Bible is the least of it. Nothing about our circumstance provides clarity. If the goal is clarity, just publish the dates and times for future supernovae down thru time. That would be some clarity!

I see the argument that we cannot be held responsible if we did not know. But even if one did know, but had a mind constructed such that it would not accept. If that YOUR fault? You did not design you own mind. I personally am left suspicious of the simple story of salvation as understood by many Christians of today. But I am also suspicious of this counter argument about fairness. It is not clear this simple model of fairness is indeed a viable or correct one.

The model that has resonate with me the most over the years was presented by C.S. Lewis in the book the great divorce. (it is a super thin book, and a fun read!). Anyway his basic idea is that of Karma. that prior actions of a person predisposes them towards different future ways of thinking. And these are viscious/virtuous cycles that over time eventually become unbreakable ways of thinking.

Thus hell is locked from the inside… it is just your own free will executing to its logical conclusion.

Even in this world, one can say ``hey that is not NICE!’’ you should do a brain reset on this guy, or such.

Leaving behind the secular (and maybe Christian of today) understanding of “nice” for a moment, it is a consistent view of the world BEFORE death. People do begin in very different places, and their prior actions and thinking to drive them towards certain fix-points that are increasingly hard to escape. This IS what we see. That is no proof the afterlife continues that progression, but at least it is a consistent view. Is it a NICE thing to do? Well I guess that depends upon ones definition of NICE.


Startup Guy, PhD AI, Kentuckian living in San Fran

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Dan O

Dan O

Startup Guy, PhD AI, Kentuckian living in San Fran