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  • The Ponderosa Pine

    The Ponderosa Pine

    My favorite tree, the Ponderosa Pine, shares a linguistic root with the word “ponder.” To ponder is at the core of my curiousity based writing.

  • Been Kim

    Been Kim

  • Charles Haines

    Charles Haines

    Hermit dilettante. Education undermined by ADHD, diagnosed & treated at 49. Earned journalism degree &I also write fantasy, horror and poetry. Love science.

  • Jeff Scallop

    Jeff Scallop

    Writing about current affairs, finance, economics, crypto and technology.

  • Devansh- Machine Learning Made Simple

    Devansh- Machine Learning Made Simple

    I write high-performing code and scripts for organizations to help them generate more revenue, identify areas of investment, isolate redundancies, and automate

  • John Vandenberg

    John Vandenberg

    Urban planner and strategist exploring challenges to mainstream media narratives.

  • Gunnar De Winter

    Gunnar De Winter

    Science x philosophy x technology x writing — word wrangler & concept cuddler.

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